How to work with DoggieSpot

DoggieSpot Advertising, Sponsorship and PR

Jet@DoggieSpot is available for dog-related product and service reviews, events, appearances, photography and writing as well as dog-friendly location reviews.

Jet has built this website and grown its readership from scratch and is available to help you if you need assistance in developing a blog, brand presence and loyal readers for an established or new business using social networking tools.

Launched in April 2011, the DoggieSpot community is growing extremely rapidly, whilst remaining targeted and focused on dog products, issues and locations.

A variety of advertising or sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Jet on the email address below for a Media Kit or to discuss any editorial or commercial ideas.

All images are available for purchase. Should you wish to publish one of our photographs without the DoggieSpot watermark, please contact us on the email address below. Please understand that if you wish to publish DoggieSpot assets, you must attribute appropriately.

PR, product placements and reviews

PR companies, product and services brands, event organisers and book publishers are welcome to submit items and ideas for  review or feature in the DoggieSpot blog.   Please understand that DoggieSpot will only publish articles about items that we personally like or find interesting. All reviews are written honestly and will focus on the dog-friendly aspects of your product, services and/or locations. Thank you for your understanding.

We try to write stories that are unique and different from other doggie websites, location guides or dog blogs so if you have a unique angle on a product or something a bit left of centre, we would love to hear from you. Please note that we do not accept copy written by other people.

Please do send information about any dog-friendly events you are planning or attending  as we will usually be happy to post them for you.

Editorial integrity is paramount with DoggieSpot so please understand that providing a product, service or a meal will not influence the outcome of the story and it will be written honestly with our readers best interests at heart.


DoggieSpot holds regular competitions. Please note that competitions usually have a lead time of a few weeks as they are popular and often booked out so please contact her at least six weeks ahead of when an event is to take place if the giveaway is for a specific date. If you would like to have your item featured in a competition, please contact us on the email address below.


If your business would like to poll our members, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


For a copy of our media kit, enquiries into any of the above offerings or to propose any other ideas please email:    info (at) doggiespot (dot) com (dot) au   replacing the (at) with @ symbol, and the (dot) with .

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3 Responses to “How to work with DoggieSpot”

  1. Tara Honeyman September 12, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    Hi Jessica, I am the City of Sydney’s Companion Animals Officer. please contact me on 9246 7625 to discuss your desexing and microchipping enquiry.

  2. Jessica September 11, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    I unfortunately missed pet day due to a bad migraine.
    I have adopted a stray puppy that is not micro chipped or desexed. I have a pension card and would like to know if it is still possible for me to have a contact number to see if I can have free microchipping and a desexed-operation for the dog, considering I missed giving my contact details for bookings on the day. Thank you.


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