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Prince Alfred Park Off Leash Petition Submitted

Wow! We had an amazing response to the petition to ask Sydney City Council to designate Prince Alfred Park off-leash at all times.  With over 159 signatures in one week, we’re really hopeful that Council will consider this change very soon. Currently undergoing major renovations – the park has brand new tennis courts, basketball courts [...]

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10% off Sweet Chops cupcakes & gourmet treats for dogs – only until 13th August 2011

Sweet Chops are offering a 10% discount off all products purchased through their website before August 13th, 2011.  This offer is exclusively for DoggieSpotters, who can simply enter the promotional code ‘DoggieSpot’ during the checkout process.  (You can become a DoggieSpot member for free, by signing up to our newsletter in the field at the [...]

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WIN a Cupcake or Cookie kit for your dog!

Jaffa’s first birthday is rapidly approaching, as with many of the pups she has played with at the park all year, which has some of us discussing how best to celebrate this momentus occasion. I’m keen for a small and sophisticated soiree, nothing too OTT.  Maybe a high tea with just a few close friends [...]

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Comfortis for dogs: the good, the bad and the ugh

Ah, the ongoing flea treatment saga! Regular readers will know all about Jaffa’s flea issues but here’s a recap for the rest of you: We tried Advantage, but found it was messy and matted Jaffa’s coat and only lasted a couple of weeks.  We tried most supermarket treatments with absolutely no effect. We tried flea [...]

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Taming the unruly teen pooch OR ‘You’re so up yourself!’

The lovely Jaffa is almost fully grown and at just over 8 months of age, she is really quite the adolescent, and unfortunately she is showing all the normal teenage signs that come with new found independence. Such things as: Selective deafness – ignoring commands Jumping up on us Pulling on the lead Ripping her [...]

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RSPCA Million Paws walk 2011

DoggieSpot will be at the Sydney RSPCA Million Paws walk tomorrow May 15th…look out for us giving out bottles of hand sanitiser, and come over and say ‘Hi!’ xo

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Petition to make Prince Alfred Park off-leash

***We really need your help to sign our petition to make Prince Alfred Park, Sydney off-leash for dogs at all times. Please sign our e-petition to show your support!*** The historic Surry Hills park was officially opened recently by our beloved Lord Mayor, Clover Moore but mystery surrounds Prince Alfred Park’s status as to dog-friendliness. [...]

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Rescue or pedigree?

Regular readers will know that we currently have a designer mutt called Jaffa.  She’s a Cavoodle – that’s a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle to the uninitiated – and we think she’s the best thing since we rolled those little orangey-chocolatey balls down the isle at the movies as kids. Here she [...]

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Happy Easter!

It’s Good Friday, absolutely nothing’s open and the sun is shining…seems like an excellent opportunity to get out to the park with our pooches   Centennial Park, here we come! Where are you taking your pooch on this glorious day?

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When the world gives you mud, make mud pies

Those of you who follow DoggieSpot on Facebook will know of the trauma Jaffa and I have been going through with fleas this Summer/Autumn.  In a word: horrendous.  No matter what I wash, dose, spray, spot-on or comb her with, she always has at least a couple of fleas on her, which inevitably explode into [...]

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