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WIN a Cupcake or Cookie kit for your dog!

Jaffa’s first birthday is rapidly approaching, as with many of the pups she has played with at the park all year, which has some of us discussing how best to celebrate this momentus occasion. I’m keen for a small and sophisticated soiree, nothing too OTT.  Maybe a high tea with just a few close friends [...]

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Comfortis for dogs: the good, the bad and the ugh

Ah, the ongoing flea treatment saga! Regular readers will know all about Jaffa’s flea issues but here’s a recap for the rest of you: We tried Advantage, but found it was messy and matted Jaffa’s coat and only lasted a couple of weeks.  We tried most supermarket treatments with absolutely no effect. We tried flea [...]

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20% off Carnaby Chic range for DoggieSpot members!!

Wow, we’ve really hit the big time with this offer DoggieSpotters.  For a strictly limited time, Carnaby Chic are offering our members a massive 20% off their entire range. Simply enter the promotion code ‘dspot‘ during the checkout process. Named after the famously high fashion Carnaby Street in London, Carnaby Chic is an Aussie company [...]

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Win 1 of 3 Wellbeing Mix super nutrition packs!

I have to tell you, Jaffa is really enjoying the Wellbeing for Dogs whole food and actually looks forward to her meals times now; finishing everything up. If I gave her a whole 225gm tub she would eat it all up twice a day. That is a big change from previously, when she wouldn’t even [...]

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My dog is a fussy eater

As regular readers will know, our little Jaffa is a fussy eater and as she grows it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep enough weight on her.  She’s not exactly starving and emaciated, but for a puppy she can be borderline at times.  You can feel her ribs and the skin sticks to them a bit, [...]

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Win 1 of 2 Rocstar doggie gift packs!

Simply subscribe to our weekly DoggieSpot newsletter and tell us in 25 words or less what makes your pooch so special to you! Regular readers will know that our little fur-baby Jaffa has a habit of getting dirty, so visits to the park are often closely followed by a bath.  Here’s the proof We have [...]

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When the world gives you mud, make mud pies

Those of you who follow DoggieSpot on Facebook will know of the trauma Jaffa and I have been going through with fleas this Summer/Autumn.  In a word: horrendous.  No matter what I wash, dose, spray, spot-on or comb her with, she always has at least a couple of fleas on her, which inevitably explode into [...]

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