DoggieSpot Best Buys – 7 Sept 2011

Schmacko’s are on special at all the major retailers, with the large 500gm Stix and Strapz available from Coles the best buy this week.

And here are the rest of this week’s Best Buys:



MyDog Select menu varieties 100gm: 99c (Woolies)

VIP Gourmet Roll chicken 3kg: $5.69 (19c/100gm) (Coles)

VIP Pet Food Supreme Steak mince 800gm: $4.79 (60c/100gm (Woolies)



MyDog Puppy 1kg: $6.49 (65c/100gm) (Woolies)

Supercoat Adult varieties 8kg: $18 (23c/100gm) (Woolies)

Purina One Adult 7kg: $24.74 (35c/100gm) (Coles)

Purina One varieties 3kg: $11.00 (37c/100gm) (Coles)

Purina One Small Dog 1.5kg: $6.36 (42c/100gm) (Coles)



Schmackos Beef / Liver Treats 100gm:  $3.99 (Woolies)

DentaStix Giant Dogs 7 pack 270gm: $4.22 ($1.56/100gm) (Coles)

DentaStix Medium Dogs 7 pack 180gm: $3.50 ($1.94/100gm) (Coles)

DentaStix Small Dogs 7 pack 110gm: $3.53 ($3.21/100gm) (Coles)

Schmackos Strapz and Stix 500gm: $8.00 $1.60/100gm) (Coles)  Best Buy***

Schmackos Live / Beef Treats 250gm: $8.00 $3.20/100gm) (Coles)  Best Buy**

Schmackos Liver Treats 90-100gm: $3.49 ($3.87 – $3.49/100gm) (Franklins)

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