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Pidding ParkPidding Rd, Ryde

Off-leash in designated areas, when not used for organised sport


Pidding Rd, Ryde


94 Barnetts Road, WINSTON HILLS

Barnett Park

This 1.5 hectare park is located in an area previously part of Arthur Barnett’s small farm which he purchased from the subdivision of George Oakes original land grant. The Barnett family built a number of cottages in the area which were in great demand between 1890-1910. It is accessible from Barnett Road, Lomond Crescent and [...]

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Brush Farm Park Lawson St, Eastwood

Brush Farm Park

Off leash when not used for organised sport, in designated areas

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Blenheim Park Blenheim Rd, North Ryde

Blenheim Park

Fenced area is off leash at all times.

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