Dog-friendly Locations

Welcome to the DoggieSpot dog-friendly location guide!

There is a search box on the ‘Home’ page of this site, so click on the ‘Home’ tab to do a refined search.

Otherwise, have a look at the map and list of locations over to your right.

We are busy finding and adding new locations for you to try out, but why not tell us about your favourite DoggieSpot?  Including street number, name, suburb / city, State and postcode and a little blurb about why you love it so much, where possible.

Also contact details would be most helpful so that we can easily get in touch with the owner and ask them if they’d like to be listed with DoggieSpot.  Include contact name, phone, email and/or web address if you can.

When you visit one of our DoggieSpots be sure to let everybody there know how you found them!

Happy DoggieSpotting! xo

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