Training your dog to toilet outside

Not having much success in getting your dog to toilet outside?

To fix this problem you have to pinpoint the reason why your dog is not succeeding. Then, you can manage the situation accordingly.

Below are some examples:

  1. Have you recently moved? A new environment can be stressful on your dog. Try and simulate an area that the dog can associate with.
  2. Have you punished your dog for going in a certain area outside? This can cause your dog to associate the whole area with the punishment. Leave droppings in the desired area for a couple of days to show the dog where is acceptable.
  3. Is the dog’s water bowl and food outside?
  4. Is the dog’s bed outside? A lot of dogs won’t toilet where they eat or sleep.
  5. Have you created a schedule for your dog to go when out on a walk? This routine can happen without you even knowing. Your dog can depend on walks for the purpose of going to the toilet.
  6. Does your dog use toilet matts or grass inside but not outside? Use these items outside as well.
  7. Has something negative happened to your dog outside? If so, you need to build up the dog’s confidence in the environment.
  8. Have you changed your yard recently? Certain textures like slippery tiles can deter a dog.
  9. Do you only let the dog outside when it’s time to go to the toilet? The dog can associate this with a punishment.
  10. Do you stand there and wait until your dog toilets? Sometimes a little privacy is needed.
  11. Have you toilet trained your puppy inside only, and now it is growing up? Use a lead and take your dog to a certain area outside every hour. If it goes to the toilet, praise your dog like mad. After a few successful sessions, increase the hour, to every two hours, then three, etc.

Remember, there is no one-answer to problem behaviour. You must narrow down what’s causing it first and then the solution will present itself.

This article was kindly supplied by Craig Surrey, DoggieSpot’s resident Animal Behaviourist. You can contact him for private or group training at: Sydney Dog Training


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