You Can Keep Dogs in the City

Across Australia, over 53% of households own a dog and/or a cat – which means more than half of all Australian homes include a furry, four-legged companion.

Traditionally, the typical Australian dog owner would have been married with children and living in the suburbs. So we weren’t surprised when  research revealed that people living in medium-density dwellings were more likely to own dogs than those living in high-density dwellings. It basically boiled down to the smaller the backyard or apartment, the less likely people are to own, or think they can own, a dog or a cat.

It was also discovered, however, that plenty of dog owners are able to successfully and responsibly keep dogs in high-rise apartments and small dwellings with very little difficulty.

“Research shows that many people keep dogs and cats in the city and they enjoy it just as much as people who keep them in the suburbs with larger houses and bigger backyards.”

In fact, dog owners in highly urbanised surrounds reported high levels of satisfaction with ownership (94% and 93% respectively), with just 1% of dog owners expressing dissatisfaction.

City dogs getting social at the park

These levels of satisfaction are equal to that achieved among the general population in another large survey, the 2006 National People and Pets Survey. Such rates demonstrate to us that satisfaction with dogs is no lower in higher density housing than in less urbanised areas.

The message is clear: plenty of people keep dogs in the densely populated urban areas and enjoy it just as much as those who keep them in larger houses with bigger backyards.

With many thanks to PetsInTheCity, we will be including lots more future posts with information and tips on strategies to help maximise your enjoyment of your pooch and also minimise any problems. Stay tuned!

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